What is it about?

T3temple is more than another way to integrate your HTML/CSS template.
It is the idea to establish a flexible skin system for TYPO3 that enables you to choose from several skins (or themes, templates, boxmodels, or however you want to call them) and speed up your next project up to ten times faster while getting better design results. 

Skin standards

T3Temple skins follow the following criteria:

  •  the skin must be an extension
  •  the skin must not need to be configured
  •  the skin must not require any extension
  •  the design must be content focused
  •  the design must be simple
  •  the design must be modular

The Skin Manager

The T3temple skin manager helps you install and manage skins.
This is the key to our approach for keeping the TYPO3 core and skins separated. It is not yet available in the TER but will be published soon along with other skins.

The first T3temple skin called "Basic"

This is our first skin. We call it "Basic" because it is exactly that: minimal design, utilizing basic TYPO3 core features and basically a good skin to kick off your next project as we used the Basic skin to set up this very site.

See the demo
Download the beta version at Forge (Subversion)